ReLife 141 Spoilers: Kaizaki and Hishiro Confess During the School Festival?

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Relife 141

There are a lot of exciting reveals in the recent chapters of ReLife, beginning with chapter 138 when Hishiro moves forward and admits to the class her mistakes. Then onto chapter 139 and 140 when Kaizaki (finally!) acknowledges to himself his feelings for Hishiro and his budding loneliness as well as fears. Perhaps this is because the ReLife experiment nearing its end. Here is a recap coupled with some ReLife 141 spoilers.


As mentioned, Hishiro began to move forward and change her personality. She was able to work with her classmates and rely more on others. With the help of her friends, not just Kaizaki but Kariu as well, they made sure that the rest of the class gave Hishiro a chance to prove that she had changed for the better. After all, Hishiro works harder than any of them, says Kariu in Hishiro?s defense. This paved the way for a new Hishiro, and Kaizaki has never been more proud.

In ReLife 141, we can expect Hishiro to be more confident and vocal about her true feelings. Her clumsy nature would surely bring her and Kaizaki closer as they finish the preparations for the School Festival. Expect Hishiro to bombard Kaizaki with questions about love and dating.


In chapter 139, tired Hishiro is seen sleeping on her desk by Kaizaki. He then recalls Hishiro?s struggles in the past, feeling pity at first, and now satisfaction; for Hishiro has blossomed right before his eyes. Kaizaki then, finally, admits he loves her after all. Let?s go and ship them now!

Relife 141

But mature Kaizaki just could not let go of the fact that it?s wrong to have feelings for Hishiro, who was introduced to him as a minor, and the idea of investing so much in friendships ?- only to be forgotten in the end of the ReLife experiment. So he distances himself, ditching the after school preparations for the festival. Good thing Yaoke sets him straight and tells him that his efforts will still leave an impact regardless if memories will be erased. Yaoke believes Kaizaki?s eagerness to live will never be forgotten by his circle of friends. Hopefully this pushes Kaizaki to drop his hang-ups and regrets in the past.

The School Festival

Expect the coming chapters to focus more on the development of Kaizaki and Hishiro?s feelings for each other and the events that would lead them to be more aware of it.

If you are well-versed in anime or manga, the school festival is usually the time and venue for a romantic confession. In ReLife 141 or at the start of the festival day, expect a closer Hishiro and Kaizaki. Maybe with the help of their friends, they?ll be able to have time alone together, go around different booths or even hold hands and watch the fireworks display together. These events may urge either Kaizaki or Hishiro to finally confess their feelings. Kyaah!

Who do you think will confess first, Hishiro or Kaizaki? Let us now in the comments section below.

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