Reliever stress and anxiety with the help of this non-edible, aromatic dough

This therapeutic product comes in different scents that suit your mood well

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Are you having trouble dealing with insomnia and anxiety? Calming your demeanor does not always require some prescription medicines or visiting a therapist. Sometimes, all you need is something your hand will love until your tension’s gone. Let me share one solution with you.

Say hi to Soothe, your ultimate partner in achieving relaxed nights of sleep and lighter days.

What is Soothe?

The Soothe Therapy Dough is one effective way to relieve your stress. It gives you a comfortable sensation every time you work it with your hands. This product may look like it’s your raw bread, but it serves beyond what a bread can. It can also alleviate anxiety by helping you calm down with your hand over it.

What makes it a recommended therapy?

Therapy doughs are like stress balls. You would always want to fidget on them until you are calm. You can pinch, squish, and fold it every time your mind is not in a perfect state. Not only does it calm you down, but it also sets your mind for a new hustle. This product is something you would want to bring every day.

What other benefits can I get from it?

  • Better pain management
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced stress and anxiety

Does it smell like bread, too?

Just because it’s in a dough form does not mean it’s edible. However, you can still enjoy this dough the other way around. Soothe comes with different scents that match your mood well. For better options, you can also avail yourself of the entire set of these therapy doughs.