Relieve your allergy symptoms and sleep soundly with this nighttime allergy syrup

Here’s a herbal syrup proven to be one of the best remedies to help you sleep.

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Having trouble sleeping because of seasonal allergies? You probably need to drink antihistamines, but how long is it safe to take? With all those blah ingredients that’s surely producing icky tastes of traditional medicine syrups, even adults wouldn’t enjoy taking those! The best option would be to take natural-based antihistamines that guarantee a sound rest, just like Sambrosa’s Nighttime Allergy Syrup.

Sambrosa Sweet Dreams is a natural-based syrup to relieve coughs and allergies to guarantee a good night’s rest. Its formula is a mix of the best of nature and science — a combination of a small dose of doxylamine with a natural base of honey and seven organic herbs, including passionflower and California Poppy.

It also contains a small dose of doxylamine creating a soothing yet powerful formulation. It acts as a sleep supplement and a nighttime allergy decongestant.

“As an antihistamine syrup, Sambrosa will help relieve the symptoms of allergies and provide a good night’s rest. It can be used as a night syrup and hope to contribute to your health and overall wellbeing.”

Made with the highest possible quality standards, compliant with the FDA, and has cGMP certification, the Sambrosa Sweet Dreams Night Syrup aims to bring balance, rest, and energy to your life.