Let the relaxing properties of ashwagandha calm you down

It can help you sleep, too.

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Need help falling asleep? zolt's Dreamy blend can help.

  • Uses organic ashwagandha and 3mg of melatonin to help you sleep
  • The collagenic boost formula is vegan
  • Convenient mixie sticks you can take wherever you go
  • Available in packs of 10 or 30

The year has just started, but are you already stressing out too much? Has going back to work after a long vacation put your mind on overdrive? Perhaps you’ve always had trouble falling asleep or maybe your body is still used to the odd hours of being awake at night during the holidays. Maybe there’s just so much suddenly going on in your head and your life that you are looking for a way to calm down. Whatever it is… if you need help, zolt is here.

zolt offers different performance blend mixie sticks that you can take wherever you go, so you can be your best self any time of the day. Whether you need a boost of energy or need some help relaxing, zolt has something for you.

If it’s sleep that you need, their botanical terpene blend called Dreamy uses organic ashwagandha and 3mg of melatonin to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. Research shows that ashwagandha extract has sleep-inducing potential and can even improve sleep quality. Paired with melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, you can look forward to sleep more soundly.

zolt’s Dreamy blend also happens to be vegan! Other ingredients in its vegan collagenic boost formula include tremella mushroom, astaxanthin, and hyaluronic acid so your skin will benefit from it, too. Look forward to firmer and more hydrated skin as you sleep well, wake up refreshed, and live each day better.

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