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Relaxing Games on Mobile: What You Need to Play to Calm Down

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Most video games may be thrilling and fast-paced, either through its story-driven approach or the amount of action in its sequences. However, on the other side of the spectrum are relaxing games that can help you calm down when need be.

It’s worth noting that just because such games are relaxing doesn’t mean they’re boring, either. While people can find relaxation through different mediums — be it through sleep, meditation, or by even turning to the great outdoors — relaxing games offer a unique approach to finding a sense of tranquility. Here are just some relaxing games you need to try in order to find your inner zen. Seeing as these are available on mobile, they’re all the more available and can be accessed anytime, anywhere — so long as you have your phone with you.

Monument Valley

A puzzle game that boasts of some striking design, Monument Valley involves having to rotate paths, stairs, and walls in order to navigate your character to the end of each level. Although the puzzles become a little more complicated as you progress through the game, Monument Valley’s aesthetics and soothing environment make for some leisurely gameplay all throughout.


Viridi is essentially your garden of succulents on your mobile phone. What better way to kick back and relax than by tending to your succulents — especially since the whole ordeal involves all the joy of these plants without the stress of dealing with them in real life?

Zen Koi

The title says it all. With its peaceful music and oddly satisfying water effects, Zen Koi is one relaxing game that you need to check out. The game involves having to raise and breed koi and take care of them as they continue to grow in size. Their beautiful designs are definitely easy on the eyes, making Zen Koi an even better pleasing experience. Plus, if you manage to raise your koi properly, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by watching your fish grow into a dragon.


Yet another game that boasts of eye-catching design, Eufloria prompts players to amass resources in order to grow and tend to life — but in outer space. The game’s visuals make Eufloria all the more soothing, and its fairly simple gameplay make it easy to delve in and out of.

Zen Bound

Wrapping objects in rope may not seem like your typical approach to finding relaxation, but strangely enough, it works. In Zen Bound, players are required to wrap carved wooden objects with rope. However, the amount of rope provided per object is limited. Thus, the objective is to figure out how to cover all surfaces of an object with only a limited amount of rope. Ultimately, Zen Bound is an interesting puzzle game that not only tickles your brain, but somehow also brings a sense of rest after a long day in the real world.

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