Reikenzan Season 2 Release Date & Trailer: Episode 1 to Greet Anime Fans after the New Year

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Reikenzan Season 2
Reikenzan Season 2

You read it right, Reikenzan anime fans! Reikenzan season 2 is coming your way in Winter 2017. The latest visuals, synopsis, cast and what we know so far are going to be shared with our dear readers.

Reikenzan Season 2

The Reikenzan season 2 synopsis reads: This new anime is an adaptation of the Chinese online manhua (manga) series (There was a Spiritual Sword Mountain) Set in the year 6233 of the Nine Provinces calendar, the world is ravaged when a comet falls bringing destruction to the earth. The Reiken clan holds an open tournament to look for new disciples to train. They have been training spiritual sword warriors for the last two millennia. The problem being though is that this is actually a screening contest to find a child who is fated by the comet to rise to power. Ouriku is a boy who, at 12 years old, has a soul that comes once every 1000 years. He undertakes the exam on his path to becoming a peerless sage per Honey?s Anime.

Cast of Voice Actors

Tsubasa Yonaga as Ouriku (Lu Wang): Lu is a genius having an IQ that’s way up the ceiling. The harder the challenge, the faster and more efficient tactic he can apply. He possesses the kind of discerning manner that’s easy to understand. Lu is definitely one of a kind and you won’t meet anybody like him for the next thousand years.

Yuriko Yamaguchi as Oubu: She is the instructor of Ouriku and the fifth successor of the Reiken clan. She is ranked gold red and has no opponent that could ever match her skills. She is described as shameless and has a razor-sharp tongue that people around her needs to deal with.

Masakasu Nishida as Kaiunho: You can consider him as a training partner. He hails from one of the fiercest fighting kingdoms Kumotai in Kyuushu. He is the second in line to the throne and has been accepted into the Manpou Sage Academy. He’s training together with Ouriku.

Taiki Kobayashi as Ochuu: Viewers might initially think Ochuu is a small girl, but he’s actually a boy and accepted that way. He’s Ouriku’s assistant and they solve difficult problems together.

Kenichiro Matsuda as Lemoto: He is the head of the Reiken clan. He’s super nearsighted, but despite his eye problems, he’s the ruler on top.

Marie Hatanaka as Rurisen: She is the best friend of Ouriku and part of the Reisen clan. She looks real cute and you wouldn’t think she loves to eat a whole lot.

Eriko Nakamura as Rei: She is the daughter of Lemoto and another friend of Ouriku. She manages the inn and looks like she’s hiding a secret.

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You can watch the Reikenzan season 2 trailer here. For more Reikenzan season 2 news and latest updates, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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