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Reduce your cleanup time and watch this 2-in-1 powerful sweeping robot do the job

This ultra-sensitive device may navigate your house better than you

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Coming home from work thinking of all the chores you need to do is already stressful. But with Geek Buying, you can now reduce clean-up time using advanced technology you have never seen before.


Geek Buying’s Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is among a few robotic floor cleaners that come with exceptional features. This product has a 2-in-1 sweep and mop function that lets you save time and gets the floor job done without shedding some sweat. What’s more – this vacuum comes with a strong 3000Pa suction power enough to capture dirt that a broom cannot. 


This device highlights an ultra-sensitive scanner that examines 2080 points in a second. That means your cleaner robot learns from the set-up of your house and knows where to perform vacuum functions. 


Unlike other robot vacuums, D9 identifies a carpet quickly. And as soon as it makes contact with the matting, it boosts pressure to clean deeply through it. 

$337.99 $399.99

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