Reduce virus spread and promote a fresher atmosphere with the help of this air and surface sanitizer

You’d want to have more of this in all areas of your house

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Cleaning your homes, offices, and cars is good. But cleaning something you don’t see is a different challenge. Thanks to Hypo Air, cleansing the atmosphere in all corners of your room is now possible.


The HypoAir Upgraded Air Angel Mobile is an air-purifying and sanitation device that attacks any harmful substance moving around your room. This product kills viruses, especially those that plague frequently-used objects like a doorknob. It also works in tight spaces like cars.


This air purifier looks aesthetic with a compact and stylish design that fits any location without hassle. Despite its size, this model has a full Polar Ionization that allows it to cover areas up to 300 sq. ft.


Not only does it capture air gases but also carpet fibers, dust, and other solid contaminants. That gives you a higher chance of completely eliminating any toxic substance polluting the air.

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