Reddit Save Brendan Fraser: Fans Come Together In Reddit To Make Brendan ‘Great Again’

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Reddit save Brendan Fraser

Looks like the Internet community in Reddit has decided to focus on doing something nice this Christmas holidays. And what good deed specifically? Save Brendan Fraser.

No he isn?t sick or dying (thank god,) ?cause people are most probably fed up with all the celebrity deaths happening before the year ends. This one community in Reddit just felt obliged to save the dying career of Brendan Fraser.

How much would it help, though?

How will Reddit Save Brendan Fraser?

With the sole purpose to ?Make Brendan Great Again,? a community called ?savebrendan? is persistent in dominating the conversation thread in Reddit.

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According to Gizmodo, this is the same (and seemingly effective) tactic that the community the_donald used to endorse Trump during last elections. What the users do in the the_donald community is set up brigades to rig online polls and intimidate those who try to go against him.

Reddit save Brendan Fraser

The community also made it a point to make their conversation the longest one possible, making it the most visible one in Reddit.

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With this, some good-hearted fans of Brendan Fraser tried to campaign for the comeback of the actor by copying the same tactic. And just when people thought he?s just a part of the Entertainment history, Reddit saved Brendan Fraser.

All thanks to Reddit

In April, Mirror reported how Reddit users are trying their best to have Brendan Fraser keep his career. And in the past five days, ?savebrendan? came back into the Reddit scene, continuing with their goal.

The community is also planning to do coordinated actions in Twitter, and make #savebrendan and #UnfuckBrendansShit happen.

There?s even a petition in the website change.org that pleads to have Brendan included in the upcoming movies or shows. And believe it or not, the petition already gained 33,000 signatures.

So to conclude, Reddit saved Brendan Fraser. And rumor has it that he will be back with Tom Cruise for The Mummy 4.

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