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Reddit Down: Reason Why the Site is Offline

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Reddit mysteriously shut down on Thursday and promised to return ?momentarily.? But the site remained dark for more than an hour which caused a panic among users.

The last time the site went through a significant outage was in May 2015, and on Thursday evening, users who visited the site were greeted with ?Reddit is down for emergency maintenance.? The reason why the site went offline was posted on Twitter: ??Identified: We had a slight issue with a routine software upgrade. We’ll be back momentarily.?

The site was restored at around 8 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, but was still going on and off. But now everything?s back to normal.

When the site went offline, of course Redditors turned to twitter to express their disappointment. One user tweeted, ?Reddit has been down for over 15 minutes. I can?t cope,? while another wrote, ?reddit down, what do i do with my life. who am i ??

Some also posted videos and memes showing their frustration over Reddit?s seemingly unbearable downtime.

The site is visited by users of all ages for social media aggregation and discussion of their favorite pop culture topics. It ranks as the 26th most visited site on the internet and is known for its trademark style which is very simple with images and text on a plain white background.

Meanwhile, Reddit has been facing some internal conflict since summer last year when the company cracked down on revenge porn, as Tech Crunch reports, as well as subreddits that contained offensive content.

The issue quickly led to CEO Ellen Pao getting ousted from her position. She has been leading the company in its effort of maintaining the site?s dignity and making it respectable enough for advertisers. After her departure, the site continued its clean-up duty and made diverse hires.

Now, current CEO Steve Huffman, is still struggling with its reform as some key members have been let go while even more left the company.

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