Red Faction PS4 Released, Then Removed From PSN Store

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It’s Destroy All Humans all over again, this time with Red Faction. Sony accidentally released the hit FPS and quickly removed it from PSN, confirming its PS2-on-PS4 status. This is the second time an old THQ property was accidentally released early, the first time being Destroy All Humans. Still, at least fans know that the game will be available soon.

The first-person shooter with destructive elements isn’t the only PS2 classic that will hit the PSN. PlayStation Blog stated that Sony will officially release Samurai Showdown 6 for US$14.99 on November 25. Fans of the SNK fighting game should be happy with the re-release, while THQ fans have to wait a bit longer. At least they will have this, along with Destroy All Humans 2 to look forward to.

Are You Red-dy?

While not as revolutionary as it was back then, Red Faction did leave a positive impact on fans. The destructible environments were fun to shoot up and made the player feel powerful. Sure, it was far from realistic, but it wasn’t fun. Both it and its sequel were fan favorites in the PS2 era.

PlayStation Lifestyle has confirmed that the game will be 1.3GB. It’s one of the heavier PS2-on-PS4 games, but that’s still a decent size. Considering how most game updates can reach up to 7GB or more, fans won’t be bothered by its file size.

What’s Next?

Judging from previous reports, we should get Destroy All Humans 2 after Red Faction comes out. Apparently, the first-person shooter will be available on December 6, so it was released two weeks early. That’s nearly identical to Destroy All Human’s release story, which was also a bit of a mess. Here’s hoping Sony and THQ Nordic sort out these messes in the near future.

Red Faction will be released on December 6. The price wasn’t announced, but it will likely range from US$14.99 to US$19.99. Along with slightly remastered visuals, players will also be able to get trophies for the game. Fans of old-school THQ can download Destroy All Humans right now for US$19.99 on the PS4.

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