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Red Dead Redemption Update: Overrated on Xbox One? Plus, Other Games that Arrived on the Feature

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The past week has been all about Red Dead Redemption arriving on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature and truly, it rocked the feature like no other game did. But along with the news came other games that also arrived on the Xbox One console. Despite the noticeable absence of new games on the Xbox One backwards compatibility this week, there were still some titles featured on the Major Nelson website that arrived on the Xbox One console.

This week, the Xbox One console took in ?Carmageddon: Max Damage,? ?Dex? and ?Rock and Racing.? Developed and published by Stainless Games Ltd., ?Carmageddon: Max Damage? is a car racing game that promotes outdated yet equally damaging cars able to mangle metals along the way. The game also offers at least 30 kinds of cars for players to choose from. ?Carmageddon: Max Damage? will need at least 13.06 GB of space and is priced at $39.99.

?Dex?, as described on the Xbox website, is the ?enigmatic AI that is trying to reach Singularity.? The player?s role is to join the exploration of the city of ?Harbor Prime? and try to do the challenges the place has to offer. It?s basically the player?s ultimate guide to the cyberpunk world. ?Dex? needs a minimal space of 3.35 GB in your storage and is priced at $19.99.

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While there?s absolutely a time gap in releasing the next Xbox One backwards compatibility titles, Xbox recently featured the arrival of ?Rock ?N Racing? bundle on the Xbox One console. In a description that came with its ad on the Xbox website, ?Rock ?N Racing? features two bundles that players can enjoy. ?Rock ?N Racing Offroad DX? allows you to change the skins of your cars while simultaneously changing the entire look of your racing cars from its tires, brakes and engine. The second one is ?Grand Prix Rock ?N Racing? that features the Off Road races that you can play along with your family members. The bundle is currently priced at $11.99. Don?t miss updates on Red Dead Redemption and other favorite Xbox games by checking in on

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