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Red Dead Redemption Sequel After Successful Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Launching?

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It?s not surprising that after ‘Red Dead Redemption”?made it to the Xbox One backwards compatibility, rumors that a sequel may come out soon immediately came out. After all, one of the reasons why game developer Rockstar didn?t include the ?Red Dead Redemption? on the backwards compatibility list, is because they wanted it to be a franchise title. That being said, a franchise should contain more sequels than this.

This is not the first in the ?Red Dead? series. In 2004, ?Red Dead Revolver? emerged as the entry title to the now, possible sequeled game. Six years after, ?Red Dead Redemption? came out and since then, nothing has been released, post the Redemption. Now, the game?s Xbox One backwards compatibility inclusion has been a hit and with the massive increase on sales after the announcement, it?s not far that there?s going to be ?Red Dead Redemption 2.?

Ever since the “Red Dead Redemption”?was released, some series of leaks online suggested the possible arrival of the ?Red Dead Redemption 2.? Categorized to that generic name, things weren?t confirmed and the possibility of the ?Red Dead Redemption? sequel may have a different title. Rumors suggest that a map showing the playable parts of the ?Red Dead 2? have also been revealed.

The recent E3 2016 brought great disappointment to fans after Microsoft failed to announce anything about the ?Red Dead Redemption? coming to the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. Not long ago, TheBitBag also made a bold prediction about the ?Red Dead Redemption? arriving to the Xbox One feature this month. Now, what?s left is the ?Red Dead Redemption? sequel that fans may eventually seek after.

Currently, the game is enjoying a massive 6,000 percent in sales surge and if you previously owned the game, expect it to be in the backwards compatibility feature this July 8. Otherwise, you may need to purchase the game for $7.50 (Xbox Live Gold Members) and $10.50 for the rest.

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