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‘Red Dead Redemption’ News & Update: Sequel to be Announced at the Upcoming 2016 Gamescom?

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After “Red Dead Redemption”?made it to the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature, a lot has been said about the game, even to the point where news suggests there?s actually a sequel coming soon. The game is so popular that fans were quick to believe it is coming. Unfortunately, neither Rockstar or Take-Two made any announcements that it?s ever going to happen.

And just when all hope is gone, Take-Two?s announcement that they will attend the upcoming 2016 Gamescom this August revived all notions that they might announce “Red Dead Redemption 2.”?After all, RDR is one of their most prominent projects and what could be more exciting than to hear them announce the sequel for?Red Dead Redemption?

But there?s another hitch again, something that indicates it might not be about ?Red Dead Redemption? after all. First, Take-Two has other interesting titles that need to be announced and promoted and what could be the perfect venue than the upcoming 2016 Gamescom? For those who are not aware of Take-Two?s recent projects, it includes the Bioshock Collection, Civilization VI and Mafia 3.

Second, if “Red Dead Redemption”?is that big of a game, enough to stir massive speculations, then the upcoming Gamescom might not be the perfect event after all. It was said that this year?s event will not be as big as the previous ones.


Lastly, during Take-Two?s financial report, they never mentioned anything about a ?Red Dead Redemption? sequel or anything that is a follow up of what has already been released on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature.

In a recent statement by Take-Two CEO?s Strauss Zelnick, he said ?Looking ahead, we expect to grow Non-GAAP revenues and earnings in fiscal 2018, based on our robust development plan that extends well beyond the current fiscal year. Rockstar Games is of course hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon.”

Of course, until such time that the 2016 Gamescom is here, fans have all the right to expect and who knows, Rockstar or Take-Two will have some special announcement about the ?Red Dead Redemption? sequel?

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