Red Dead Redemption 2 Sony E3 2016 Reveal Canceled At The Last Minute?

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Sony?s E3 2016 press conference was absolutely amazing as the company brought almost everything fans wanted to see as well as some big surprises. Many fans were expecting Red Dead Redemption 2 at E3 this year, but Sony didn?t unveil the title. It is rumored that the company was actually planning to bring the game to the event but has canceled the reveal at the last minute. According to an industry insider, Sony ditched the plan due to the Orlando attacks and showed off Days Gone instead.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the highly anticipated games which hasn?t been announced yet. Rockstar Games hasn?t shared any official detail regarding the game, but everybody was expecting an announcement at Sony?s E3 Showcase. Apparently, the game was supposed to be showcased at Sony?s E3 conference, but due to its gameplay features, the company canceled the reveal. A video by GameRiot suggests that Sony would have shown a Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer that has a lot of violent scenes, including a massacre.

The report suggest that the game features a scene where the game?s protagonist enters a saloon and shoots everyone. Along with this, other similar events in the game could affect the Orlando shooting victims? families. Showing off such scenes at the year?s biggest gaming show is obviously not a good idea, given the recent tragic event at Orlando. Apparently, Sony replaced the Red Dead Redemption 2 reveal with Days Gone.

Neither Rockstar nor Sony has officially confirmed such changes at E3. The information comes from unofficial sources, so it is better to take it with a grain of salt. However, if it?s true, it?s a good move by the companies given the circumstances.

Now, the question is when Rockstar will actually reveal the game. Although there?s no official statement yet, fans still believe that the game will surely make an appearance at E3 2016. The gaming convention will run until June 16, so there?s still a chance that Red Dead Redemption 2 will still get announced. However, Sony has already made its major announcement in the conference, so the chances are very slim. Nonetheless, all the rumors and leaked information on the game are keeping fans? hopes alive, and they?re now expecting an announcement soon from Rockstar.

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