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Red Dead Redemption 2: Why Rockstar Will Not Announce The Game At Any Gaming Convention

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Fans were pretty disappointed with E3 2016 this year. There were a lot of good announcements and exciting upcoming releases, but there were also a lot of expected titles that didn?t make an appearance at the biggest gaming convention. One of these is Rockstar?s Red Dead Redemption 2. With other gaming conventions coming this year, fans are expecting an announcement soon, but there are signs that Rockstar won?t be using a grand stage for the game?s reveal.

There are other gaming events coming this year like PAX, Gamescom and the Tokyo Games Show or TGS. It?s fairly easy to say that Rockstar won?t announce and reveal Red Dead Redemption 2 at these events, or at any event for that matter, because it doesn?t have a history with event reveals. Rockstar often announces games unexpectedly.

GTA 5, for example, wasn?t actually announced at E3. Despite being one of the biggest creations of Rockstar, GTA 5?s announcement was only done via a newswire post back in 2011. It?s not really a grand way to announce a promising title, but Rockstar still managed to get the hype train going. Rockstar wasn?t also too keen on giving the original Red Dead Redemption a grand reveal as it was announced without a warning back in 2009.

Even with established series like Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar doesn?t mind a simple announcement. It does the same with lesser known titles like Red Dead Redemption. Despite the simple reveals, Rockstar can still draw a lot of fan support, thanks to its history of good video games.

This is good news for those anticipating Red Dead Redemption 2 as they don?t necessarily have to wait for a gaming convention for Rockstar to announce the anticipated title. It could come at any day, and Rockstar could easily shock fans all over the world with a surprise announcement.

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