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Red Dead Redemption 2 & Remaster Clues Found On Rockstar’s Website?

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A sequel to Rockstar?s Red Dead Redemption is hugely anticipated by fans. With the game?s success on the PlayStation 3, it?s no wonder the game is so popular. Rumors of a Red Dead Redemption 2 has been circulating around for a while, but a new leak comes straight from Rockstar?s website. This new leak possibly points to two more Red Dead titles that are yet to be announced.

Recently, the Rockstar website went down and went live again. A tech specialist then quickly tried to see if there was anything new on the website. The specialist believes that when a site goes down, it is being updated. By using the developer tools, he was able to bring up a list of Rockstar?s titles and their game IDs.

Out of all the titles on the list, there are two games with a different ID from others; Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare has ?111,? and Grand Theft Auto V has ?241.? Red Dead Redemption has a game ID of 1, and it?s next to Undead Nightmare.

The specialist then noticed a notification on the developer tools tab. It showed two 404 errors. One is for a title with the game ID of 11, and one with the ID of 112. The error means that these are pages that are YET to exist.

Looking at the sequential order of the IDs, it?s easy to assume that these pages may one day direct players to two Red Dead Redemption games. The speculation is that the titles and pages are for Red Dead Redemption 2, or the game?s sequel or prequel for that matter, and a remaster of the original title. It?s a lot to absorb and get excited about, but we?ll still have to wait for the official statement from Rockstar regarding the rumored titles.

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