Red Dead Redemption 2 Or AGENT At E3 2016?

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Red Dead Redemption 2

While not having a main show on the event, Rockstar Games has two potential games to reveal at E3 2016. It could possibly be the heavily rumored Red Dead Redemption 2, or a return of a Rockstar title that became vaporware, AGENT. Which game will we see at E3 2016?

Rumors about Red Dead Redemption 2?s existence are plenty and some of Rockstar?s recent actions may hint its presence even without news of the game?s development. Rockstar?s website had some empty pages where it?s rumored to have the rumored Red Dead Redemption remaster and sequel. Fans found some clues that may link it to a possible Red Dead Redemption game, but these empty spaces could possibly be allotted to the AGENT game too.

According to PlaystationLifestyle, Rockstar has renewed the AGENT trademark, making it possible for Rockstar to reveal their new IP at the event. The company revealed AGENT back at E3 2013 during Sony?s conference, but aside from a logo unveiling, no official details has been discussed by Rockstar since then.

Despite Red Dead Redemption 2?s rumored existence, the existence of AGENT borders on near the empty Vaporware promise as this game was announced but was never released. It?s common practice for companies to defend trademarks and copyrights to avoid losing it. It?s entirely unsure if Rockstar will take this seriously by releasing an AGENT game this time around or just guard the ?AGENT? trademark for a little longer to prevent other people from using this name for other games.

Currently, Rockstar Games is banking on the success of GTA 5?s multiplayer platform, GTA Online, as they have continued to provide updates for their biggest moneymaker. Without new entries or IP to sell, the company might have difficulties in sustaining itself with just GTA Online earnings. If possible, Rockstar could announce both Red Dead Redemption 2 and AGENT in their E3 2016 lineup. Due to their platform ubiquity of Rockstar, their game announcement could either be on Sony, Microsoft or the PC Gaming shows at E3 2016. These three shows are happening on June 13, Monday, so be sure you don?t miss out on any of them so you can get your new Rockstar game soon.

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