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ReCore Release Date Leaked? Launches 4 Months After Keiji Infanue’s Mighty No. 9

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ReCore Release Date

An online retailer has leaked the ReCore release date. According to the online listing, game by producer Keiji Inafune will launch on October 28, 2016. The action-adventure game was announced last year, and now it is possible that Microsoft will officially reveal the upcoming game?s release date at E3 2016.

Recore Release Date LeakedThe release date of ReCore has been leaked by retailer SimplyGames, along with its pre-order details. The game will be launched for Xbox One and PC, and the current listing on the website suggests that fans can pre-order it for around US$58. Infanue is releasing his other game, Mighty No. 9, this June 21 already and this might be enough time for the studio to work on ReCore.

What We Know

The creators of Metroid Prime Armature Studio and Keiji Inafune are developing the game. The action-adventure game lets the players control a female protagonist who is the last remaining human being on the planet. As seen in the trailer released by the developer, the lead character will be on a quest with her daring robotic companion. The sci-fi world featured in ReCore will put players in a sci-fi land which is full of mysterious creatures with supernatural powers.

The game features a touching bond between the lady and her robotic dog. As they start exploring the new land, the duo gets attacked by several robotic enemies. The woman destroys some of them with her grappling hook, but when everything seemed hopeless for the two, the robotic dog self-destructs to kill their foes. The last part of the trailer sees the woman putting the dog?s core inside a giant abandoned robot.

Meanwhile, along with ReCore, Keiji Inafune is bringing another ambitious project this year. Mighty 9, a multiplatformer action game that will come out on June 21. It is said that the producer will bring both games at E3 this year. No official statement has been released regarding the ReCore release date, but the Xbox website previously indicated that the game will be available in Spring this year.

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