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The Recess Mood drink helps reduce stress and calm your mind

Stay hydrated and cool.

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Drink the stress away with Recess:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Keep the mind calm, clear, and focused
  • Uplift the mood
  • Increase H2O intake

It can be really difficult to avoid stress and maintain a clear mind. While there are many different ways to reduce stress and attain peace, some of these methods aren’t healthy or helpful for your well-being. Ideally, you should use an effective method in taking care of your mental health.

The Sparkling Water from Recess is an efficient and fun way to nurture your well-being and steer clear of stress. It’s infused with hemp extract and adaptogens to calm and clear your mind. The ingredients help your mind and body maintain a balanced state. These include:

  • broad-spectrum hemp
  • American ginseng
  • l-theanine
  • lemon balm

There are different flavors to choose from, too:

  • blood orange
  • peach ginger
  • black cherry
  • coconut lime
  • pomegranate hibiscus
  • blackberry chai

Each flavor is delicious, low in calories, and made with real fruits! You can drink Recess before your exam, when working, during a workout, or for your daily H2O intake. 

If you want to uplift your mood and stay focused, Recess Mood would be a good fit for you! It contains magnesium and adaptogens to keep your mind calm, cool and collected when dealing with stress and other challenges. You can also drink this to function better when you’re in a bad mood or if you feel demotivated. 

Recess Mood has the same ingredients as the Sparkling Water except for the magnesium L-threonate, which works to lift up the mood and balance the mind. The available flavors are:

  • strawberry rose
  • peach ginger
  • blood orange
  • black cherry

You can also add some calmness to any drink of your choice with Recess Mood Powder! It combines mood-lifting magnesium and adaptogens with electrolytes for a more calming effect suitable for any event in your life. 

Whether you’re cramming or stressed out, you can just add Recess Mood Powder to your favorite drink! You can mix it into coffee, smoothies, juice, or water. It’s available in stick packs and small tubs in delectable flavors:

  • lemon citrus
  • gradient berry
  • unflavored

If you aren’t sure which type or flavor would work best for you, you can try them all in the form of samplers first. This is a good way to gauge what’s best for your well-being without making a huge commitment.