New iPhone 7 Renders Reveal Stereo Speakers, Larger Camera?

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iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 is surely one of the most intriguing smartphones, which is scheduled to be launched later this year. There have already been a lot of rumors and rumblings regarding the upcoming device. Insiders believe that it will launch only in September this year. Still, if you are really excited about the upcoming smartphone coming from Apple, there may be more reasons for you to be thrilled about the next flagship smartphone.

According to MacRumors, recent leaked renderings of the iPhone 7 show the device to have stereo speakers and larger cameras. The latest renderings of the iPhone 7 were posted on Chinese social media sites and eventually shared by Nowhereelse.fr.

The 3D renderings are pretty spot on with regard to the early rumors which have dropped about the iPhone 7. Among these are the repositioned antenna bands and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Something new which can be observed with the rendered images though is the presence of a second speaker grill in the space where the headphone jack used to be. This certainly points to the direction that the upcoming iPhone?will have stereo sound.

As for the camera of the next iPhone flagship, it will not have the same dual-lens camera available in the iPhone 7 Plus, Cult of Mac reports that it does come with a larger camera that will surely satisfy iPhone photography enthusiasts. This comes from a leaked photo of the back panel of the supposed iPhone 7. The image reveals a larger camera lens as compared to the iPhone 6S so a noticeable improvement is sure to be expected in the next flagship smartphone from Apple.

iPhone 7

So, are you even more excited about the upcoming iPhone now? Be sure to hit us up in the comments field below and let us know what you think about the latest iPhone 7 rumors.

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