Recent FCC Filing Reveals Qi Wireless Charging Support For The Upcoming Moto 360

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upcoming Moto 360 to support wireless charging, FCC filing says

There was a curious question when the Moto 360 was first announced: How would the device be charged? Though there is still a lot that we don?t know about it, recent speculations have suggested that the smartwatch will support wireless charging ? and now a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing seems to confirm those rumors.

In the FCC listing, the device?s charger is referred to as ?Wireless Charger? throughout the documents. Numerous references to the ?Moto 360? being used to test it are made. If you refer to an image taken from the FCC listing below, you will see that the test setup involved a ?Smart Watch? they described to be ?Moto 360,? a ?Wireless Charger,? and an AC/DC Adapter. The cover letter included in the filing particularly says, ?This device is a wireless charging device, implementing the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) protocol, and is intended for use with the Moto 360 wrist-worn device.?

To be precise, the FCC listing details that the charger to be used is a Qi charger utilizing the WPC protocol. This is the type of charger we?ve witnessed before on Nokia Lumia models and on the Nexus 5, where those devices need only to be placed on top of charging pads to juice up. However, it is not clear whether the exact Qi chargers used in the abovementioned devices will also work on the upcoming Moto 360.

image taken from an FCC filing indicating wireless charging support for Moto 360

image taken from an FCC filing indicating wireless charging support for Moto 360

So what other features will the smartwatch sport? Motorola has already confirmed that their Moto 360 will have a circular touchscreen display capable of adjusting orientation for left-handed people. It will have support for voice input and will be able to display various virtual watch interfaces. We are now also aware that it won?t have a built-in camera. According to its makers, the device is water-resistant and can be worn even in the shower. Furthermore, the Moto 360 is one of the first devices to be powered by Android Wear OS from Google.

We are only hours away (literally) from the Google I/O event where it is expected that the Moto 360, along with the Android Wear SDK and LG G Watch will be fully announced. Apart from those, it is possible that Samsung will also unveil their previously unknown smartwatch.


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