Reasons why you shouldn?t buy Samsung phones

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Samsung is the brand that?s up there as a luxury and entry-level brand. The reason why the Korean company has had such a market share for phones is because it simply has a model for every mobile phone user?from the high-end smartphone user to the person who simply wants to make and receive calls and messages.

But in truth, Samsung phones have a lot of flaws. While die-hard fans may argue that other phones from Apple, Sony and HTC have flaws as well, Samsung has some that simply do not justify the prices on their Galaxy S series of devices.

So if you?re looking to buy a Samsung phone (especially the upcoming Galaxy S5), think very hard if you want to have a phone that works like this:

Your phone will look just like any other Samsung phone

When you?re going to shell out more than $500 for the Samsung Galaxy S5, you don?t want your phone to look like a Galaxy Core or Galaxy S Duos. The only time your phone is going to be distinctive enough is when you?re using their phablet line, but not a lot of people want a phone that big.

TouchWiz UI was and is still a pain.

If you?re going to buy your first Samsung phone, you might think that all smartphones or Android phones share the same UI. Samsung likes to impose their own UI that?s clunky, cartoony, and lacks shortcuts or any ease of use. If you?ve ever used an HTC One, a Sony Xperia Z or a Google Nexus, you?d know that brands can put their own UI on top of the Android OS and create a better user experience. Samsung, on the other hand, has hard-to-find shortcuts, bad proportions and ugly icons.

They?re made of plastic and don?t look their price at all.

Samsung phones aren?t constructed of aluminium or other metals unlike other phones like the HTC One or the iPhone. Samsung argues that they use plastic to lower the price and allow users to self-repair the phone like replacing an old battery with a new one or inserting a memory card or SIM on their own. While this may be true, a $500 phone made of plastic is not something to be stomached.

Their phones have a lot of bloatware.

Bloatware includes services that people aren?t really going to use but phone manufacturers have put in their phones anyway to ?add value?. These include subscriptions, paid services, unnecessary or niche apps and the like. These services aren?t actually free but are included in the SRP of the Samsung unit.

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