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Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Wii U

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Wii U

Wii U


Hundreds and thousands of people might have already lost faith with Nintendo?s current generation console, the Wii U. It?s no surprise that things will come to this. It performed so badly in the sales department for a number of reasons and Nintendo admitted it themselves. Most people aren?t sure about the CEO of Nintendo himself did. He took away 50 percent of his salary away for a few months to cover for the loss they had and this didn?t look too good to they eyes of the people. This is one of the big reasons why most gamers probably thought less about the console. There?s even a planned new direction for the company that might put the seemed-to-be short-lived Wii U, but this isn?t the case for Nintendo and they will stand firm given that Wii U?s sales figures have dwindled in the past.

Should we doubt Wii U?s powers? Not really. The unit is not actually outdated. Some people insist that Nintendo releases their first-party games like Mario or Pokemon on mobile. Nintendo isn?t buying the idea and will stick with their consoles and handhelds according to their comments on these. It doesn?t need any fixing and it is already a nice thing on its own. What it needs are games.

The Wii U have so much potential and the only thing it needs are games that will keep consumers hooked with it. Nintendo 3DS did an astonishingly good job and this is mainly because of the huge library of games it offers. Wii U, in the past, might have failed in doing this, but it seems like they are on the right path now. With the future releases of platform exclusives such as Zelda, Fire Emblem, hopefully Pokemon and other fan-favorite games in the future, this will spark some sales boost for the console.

The reason why some people find it hard to convince themselves on getting the Wii U is because Nintendo?s history of delivering great stuff in the past like Gamecube, Nintendo 64 etc. People might be expecting too much from the Wii U because of these and this is mainly due to lack of games.

Looking at the Wii U?s direction, with boat-loads of games coming for it and with frequent releases of first-party titles, the future of the console doesn?t seem to be too bleak after all.

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