Reason Behind Forza 2 Lock Ups

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Last week I played my 360 for about 8 hours straight.? My final hours were spent playing Forza 2 in preparation for my upcoming review of the game.? I got to a point where my 360 just locked up.? I reset it, loaded Forza 2, started to play and it locked up again.? Rinse and repeat.? The reason behind the lockups wasn’t Forza 2 but the fact that my system was overheating.? I turned it off for an hour to let it cool down and I was playing again with no lockups.

When the 360 gets to it’s heat threshold, certain games that require more cpu and graphics power may lock up.? This is just a theory though so don’t quote me on it.? Forza 2 runs at 60fps.? It requires a lot of GPU/CPU power to run at that speed.? Could this be the reason behind the lock ups??? Either way, there’s no problems with the Forza 2 code and it’s not bricking any systems.

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