The Real Penguins of Madagascar: Watch This Furry Gang Break Out of Denmark Zoo

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The Real Penguins of Madagascar
The Real Penguins of Madagascar

The brilliant escape plan was almost a success until, those darn footprints got them caught! This is exactly what happened to those cute little web-footed creatures when they tried to carry out their ambitious escape inside a Denmark Zoo. Perhaps the real penguins of Madagascar ought to teach them a lesson or two, hehe.

The zoo keeper captured this 35-second blunder on video with their clumsy bodies waddling down the halls of the Odense Zoo. When they felt the zookeeper coming closer, they scrambled even faster. Unfortunately, they came to a dead end and had to turn back and go back to their old abode.

The YouTube video already had one million views as of Tuesday. The escape looked increasingly familiar with the movie Penguins of Madagascar which showed the penguins elite task force. The zoo jokingly stated that “Perhaps our penguins have seen The Penguins of Madagascar too much.”

Here are other amazing zoo animal escapes you ought to know.

A Macaw Wants a Hitch

Vancouver Zoo’s Parrot Gardens keep their birds from escaping by clipping their wings. But this didn’t stop a macaw named Chuva from sneaking out of her enclosure and making it undetected over a wall and out into their parking lot. Three days later, the zoo staff wandered about to find their sneaky bird. It turned out it was hiding out in a family’s RV engine cabinet 20 miles from the zoo.

Rocks Prove Good at Breaking Locks

Capuchin monkeys in the wild are known for using stones as tools like breaking open hard nuts. But these monkeys in a zoo in Brazil used it for their most daring escape. Eight Capuchins escaped the enclosure by using stones. They smashed their locks open and escaped into the jungle. Only four of the eight monkeys were caught.

Raccoon Digs a Hole for the Perfect Escape

Zookeepers in Tropiquaria Zoo in Somerset England never thought their raccoon would escape. They proved themselves wrong when a heavy flooding in the area was used by a female raccoon Missy as the perfect

timing for her escape. Because the soil was unusually soft due to the rain, she was able to dig a hole big enough to slip through it and escape into the night. Five weeks later she was found hiding out in an abandoned building near her enclosure. Change of heart, perhaps? Why hunt for food when you don?t have to exert effort because you?re fed on a daily basis, right? Right.

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