Look: Is This A Real Life ‘Mermaid’ Spotted Off Hidden Cave In An Island?

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mermaid sighting
Was that an actual mermaid? [Image from GMA YouTube channel]

A supposed mermaid ‘sighting’ happened in the Philippines, along the Cayalan Islands, which has garnered plenty of interest.

Mermaids are some of the most interesting creatures in fiction, so seeing an actual one is going to get attention. The alleged sighting is that of a picture where an alleged mermaid-like shape can be seen floating beside two tourists visiting the island. The photo was taken inside a cave.

Philippine website GMA covered the story on their YouTube channel, detailing how the creature was found on Calayan Islands. It’s gained plenty of attention and might interest those fascinated with mermaids, even though we can’t tell if it is real.

Mythical Searching

This mermaid sighting in Calayan Islands happened while a family was out swimming, with some pictures taken for good measure. While the family didn’t notice the mermaid while they were out on the water, an unfamiliar presence was seen in a picture.

Apparently, the mermaid may have left a strong pungent scent, which the family noticed after they took the picture and wanted confirmation. While the creature was gone, an interesting scent was left behind, which made people take notice of the sighting. GMA sent a crew there later on, confirming the stench of the ‘mermaid’ in the area it was found in.

Interestingly, outside the cave can be found a rock formation oddly shaped like a chair, and is said to be a ‘mermaid’s throne.’

The stories of mermaid sightings are not rare. In fact, it’s a common tale within the province with people who strongly believe of the folklore — woven through time by old fishermen. It is interesting to note that the city officials have already placed a mermaid statue near one of their shores, making it one of the most prominent landmarks in town.

Mermaid Up?

It will be interesting to see how this mermaid sighting is perceived, though there are bound to be people who think it’s fake. Honestly, it’s hard to blame that type of thinking, since the Internet is filled with fake stuff these days. Still, it’s an interesting phenomenon and it would be really neat if mermaids actually existed in real life.

Some analysts who checked on the photo said that the form is just a shadow of the stalactites and a reflection of a big rock below, while the white ‘fin’ is just surf due to the strong waves outside the cave.

Was the mermaid sighting real? Or was it a hoax to garner interest, since we’re in an era filled with possible phenomenons? Only time will tell if that’s the case, but it would be cool to see an actual mermaid in the flesh/scale.

So, do you believe in mermaids?

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