Real Life Hitman Game: Watch Live Agent 47 And Other Interactive Games

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Real Life Hitman Game

Recently, a real life, live action Hitman game has been played via voice prompts on a video by RealmPictures. The RealmPictures team was asked by the developers of the upcoming HITMAN title. Here?s their video on the Real Life Hitman game.

According to the YouTube video and its description, RealmPictures invited some Internet celebrities and a voice actress to play their Real Life Hitman Game. People from SmoshGames and Jane Perry, the voice of Diana Burnwood in the upcoming HITMAN game, were the ones who tried the title.

Instead of the usual console controllers, the YouTubers were instead briefed manually through a telephone call and a briefcase containing the mission details, and they were tasked to handle and command Agent 47 to complete the mission. Upon command, Agent 47 has a certain stiffness to his actions; he walks faster when asked to run and would not handle a whole crowd of people despite his expertise. The players would restart to a checkpoint if ever they fail.

The mission is a single assassination, so Agent 47 needs to go in the mansion, kill his target, and leave the premises alive. Unlike the previous Real Life first-person shooter series by RealmPictures, the Real Life Hitman game was recorded in third person and involved a cameraman following Agent 47 around.

In hindsight, IO Interactive asked RealmPictures to do this, so it might have been for publicity purposes. Currently, there aren?t confirmed voice command features in the upcoming game. We?ll have to wait for an announcement from IO Interactive and Square Enix regarding an update on their game.

RealmPictures also made an interactive game before titled ?Real Life First Person Shooter?. Unlike their latest creation, this FPS game about battling the undead requires a mix of voice commands and keyboard input.

In other news, another upcoming ?Real Life? version of video games is the Real Zero Escape: Trust on Trial escape room. According to its official site, this escape room is only available on Real Escape Room LA starting April 15 and is based on Spike Chunsoft?s hit game Zero Escape: Virtue?s Last Reward.

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