The Real Housewives of Orange County Star Meghan Edmonds Confirms Pregnancy; Ready To Welcome Baby Daughter

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Meghan King Edmonds is about to enter the biggest and most fulfilling role in her life, even greater than being the lead personality of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Edmonds has recently revealed to the public that she is going to be a mother soon.

Yes folks, Edmonds is now pregnant. This revelation came from the TV personality herself in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE. Edmonds bared that she and her husband Jim are waiting to give birth to a baby girl soon.

?I?m so over the moon, I couldn?t believe it the first time I peed on a stick and I saw that little line kind of get a little darker,? Edmonds told PEOPLE.

Edmonds further stated that she has been dreaming to become a mother one day. And this miracle, as she described it, is happening now. Edmonds said she is lost for words to describe her feelings.

Edmonds is about to give birth to her first child but she has been a mother for the two children of Jim from the latter?s first wife. So it might not be a burden for Meghan to adjust to taking care of a newborn baby.

She, however, revealed that being pregnant is no joke and the road to motherhood is definitely a hard path to walk. Meghan is now four months pregnant and feeling more excited than ever.

Meanwhile, Edmonds also bared that she did not have any issues with fertility.However, Jim previously went under the knife for a vasectomy and freezing his sperm. ?We went through IVF and fortunately we got pregnant the first time. It was just such a long process with the IVF, step by step by step with so much information,? she told PEOPLE.

She also recalled the drug stimulation injections that she considered to be the most painful part. According to Edmonds, her ovaries grew like grapefruits after the injections. She said she was in pain during those times and it hurt whenever she wanted to sit up straight.

But the pain she endured is nothing as soon as her daughter arrives. Meghan is expected to give birth during the holiday season. She even jokingly revealed one perk of being pregnant; having a bum. She said she can now twerk.

Meanwhile, the new installment of The Real Housewives of Orange County will be focusing on Edmond?s experiences in IVF on Bravo.

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