The Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 2 Won?t Push Through Due To Low Ratings Last Season?

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Uh, oh. It seems that The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 are having a big trouble. And by trouble, we mean that it is in danger of not pushing through for its second season. Why is this happening?

According to reports, the future of the series seems to be unclear until now as Bravo has yet to drop their verdict if the show will still be renewed for another installment. It must be noted that the recently concluded pilot season of The Real Housewives of Dallas did not perform well with TV ratings. The story revolved around the lives of five strong-willed women who live in Dallas, Texas.

This reason is what many are considering on why the show might not be renewed by the network. Other reports also speculated that another cause of a possible downfall of the show is Bravo?s doubts on bringing Tiffany Hendra, Cary Deuber, LeeAnne Locken, Stephanie Hollman, and Brandi Redmond back for season 2.

Reports bared that the cast members from Dallas appear not to be as crazy and funny to watch unlike the other franchises of The Real Housewives have. The girls do not suffer the same level of drama and conflicts which the other shows in the franchise have mastered already.

The series from Dallas also lacks catfights, a trademark of all Bravo shows. It is noticeable that violent conflicts among the cast members of the show is a very usual scene. The only fight the first season had was between Cary and LeeAnne. The two engaged in a feud after LeeAnne allegedly spread rumors about the former and her husband Mark.

Meanwhile, as everyone waits for updates about the Dallas? series fate, Tiffany revealed in a Bravo blog the reason behind the rift she had with Stephanie. It must be remembered that Tiffany tweeted Stephanie in an episode of the first season.

Tiffany said it all started when fans assumed that she has been calling Stephanie?s husband a cheater on social media account. The fashion enthusiast cleared that her posts on social media were not actually for Travis Hollman but to the bashers of her husband.

Will the two find their peace with each other? We will know if the second season pushes through.

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