Real Housewives Of Dallas Finale: Watch These Feuds Hit Boiling Point

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The?Real Housewives of Dallas finale brings on the drama in this unforgettable season-ender as Stephanie hosts her Byron Nelson party. It looks like it?s not going to end well as we watch some feuds hit boiling point leaving huge tension in some relationships.

We have some spoilers from the finale, and if you don?t want to find out before watching the episode then DO NOT read on. In the previous episode, LeeAnne shocked her castmates during an argument as she threatened to kill her friend, Marie. Fashion n Style reports that the rest of the ladies were really horrified with her behaviour and may even leave her out of the group. In a preview of the finale, Stephanie and Travis discussed the party they?re throwing and Travis is having second thoughts about inviting LeeAnne. But she shows up at the occasion anyway.

Meanwhile, Brandi and Bryan face some issues in their marriage. During a family night out, Brandi reveals how much Bryan has hurt her the past months saying that she felt ?so alone? in their marriage this year and that Bryan was just not there for her.

And finally, the Cary and LeeAnne face-off! The two have yet to settle their issues and their feud has been brewing all season. This is particularly because of Cary being accused by LeeAnne of stealing husband Mark from his ex-wife. In the finale preview, the two finally confront each other. Cary says, ?One minute you play the victim with your story, and then the next minute you play a bully.? And LeeAnne firmly responds, ?My story is not a story? Don’t demean it!?

Where and how will all these feuds end? Check out the synopsis below from Cartermatt to find out more on what to expect of the season finale:

?Stephanie hosts her annual Byron Nelson party, an all-day drinking extravaganza celebrating a golf tournament held in her backyard at the Four Seasons Resort. Tiffany gets a lead on a hot new home and tries to convince Aaron to settle down in Dallas. Meanwhile, Cary and Mark make their summer plans for Switzerland and LeeAnne explores the possibility of pursuing a career as a public speaker. Stephanie?s party isn?t safe from drama as Cary and LeeAnne clash, leaving a fractured group of friends in their wake.?

Catch the?Real Housewives of Dallas Season finale titled ?The Full Nelson? this Monday, June 13 at 10/9c on Bravo.

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