Real Bruce Lee Alive? Went To Afghanistan After His ?Enter the Dragon? Movie?

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Bruce Lee Alive

According to conspiracies, rumors of the real Bruce Lee alive news has more to it. As history says, Bruce Lee died on July 20, 1973, at the age of 32 due to brain aneurysm. Fortunately, he was able to make his last movie called,?Enter the Dragon.

The Real Bruce Lee Alive?

First off, there is a man named Abbas Alizada that has striking similarities to the Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee. In addition, Alizada also has the skills to prove it. The 22-year-old became an Internet sensation.

Alizada, also known as ?The Afghan Bruce Lee??came from an impoverished family of 10. Alizada hoped that his Internet fame could pull him and his family away from the warzone-like country.

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The Current Bruce Lee Alive

Bruce Lee Alive

According to Alizada, he wants to be the champion in his country and be a Hollywood star. The destruction and killings in his country saddens, as well as inspires him more. However, his parents do not have enough money for him to study?Wushu.

Fortunately, the school?s trainer later realized his potential and eventually agreed to teach him. Furthermore, he didn?t like the name Bruce Hazara, hence, the ?Afghan Bruce Lee??emerged.?

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Dressed in black trousers, white vest, and light shoes, Alizada throws Kung Fu kicks and punches that entertains an eager young crowd. Alizada is a member of Afghanistan?s Hazara community which is an ethnic group with Asian features.

Bruce Lee Alive: Thanks To United States

Bruce Lee Alive

If it weren?t for the United States? invasion against the Taliban government, Alizada wouldn?t be this famous. Apparently, the Taliban government banned TV, the Internet, as well as other forms of entertainment.

Fortunately, it was put to stop when the United States invaded the country back in 2001, following the attacks on September 11, 2001. The news Bruce Lee alive may not be true, but, it is also great that someone in a war-torn land reached his dreams.

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