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Ready for the Release of The Sims 4?

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Remember the time when they first released The Sims back in 2000? Where you get to control a Sim and make your own story of how life can be and whatnot? What about The Sims 2, where they first introduced the aspiration system and career reward system? Of course who would forget the latest installment of the game, The Sims 3? right? There are lots of options to choose from, much better 3D graphics compared to The Sims 2, new items etc. This year EA will release its fourth installment of the series, The Sims 4.

EA announced last year May 6, 2013 that The Sims 4 will be scheduled for ?release this ?September 2, 2014. Fans are excited for the new installment and can?t wait to go and try it.

Trailers have been released, same with teaser videos and gameplay. EA games really made an astonishing improvement for the series. Graphics are wonderful, new features have been added, house models, neighborhoods and many more.

On this installment, they added a new feature for build mode, where you just point and drag the arrows of the structure that you are making, which makes building faster, easier and more fun. There are also pre-made rooms to choose from, all you have to do is decide which style you want, put it on the ground and just push and pull and voila! It?s done. Forget about the furniture inside the room as you resize it, the computer will adjust?them for you.

On create a Sim mode, the concept of push and pull to adjust the size of the object you want is also available here. For example, you want your Sims to have a broad shoulder? Just point your mouse on its shoulder and drag it sideways, easy as that!

The emotion on The Sims 4 is probably one of its key features. Now you can see how they really feel by their facial expressions. Sims can now show a wide range of emotions whether it is influenced by other Sims, current events, or even the clothes you wear and choose.

It is truly remarkable what they did with?The Sims 4. I am really excited for the release, are you?



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