React Channel Gets Angry Reactions Due To Their Licensing Plan

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The Fine Brothers Entertainment is facing a lot of flak over their licensing plans for React Channel with several YouTube users expressing their displeasure on Reddit.

Earlier this week, Variety reported that Fine Brothers Entertainment, the content studio and hybrid network started by brothers Benny and Rafi Fine, announced granting creators licenses to make their own versions of the popular ?React? shows. This means creators can now access through licensing 11 of the company?s various shows and trademarks–Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, Adults React, React Gaming, Do They Know It, People Vs. Food, Lyric Breakdown, Try Not to Smile or Laugh, Opinions and People Vs Technology videos.

?We are continually working to innovate in our industry,? announced the Fines in the release. ?As digital media has become more corporate, our company strives to remain true to new media ideals of doing things differently, and as a community. By offering our shows and trademarks to the world, we will expand the Fine Family by leaps and bounds globally, and support content that can make a positive impact around the world, which is the cornerstone of what the React franchise has been for over five years.?

According to Mashable, the backlash started after some YouTubers felt the “React” brand was not theirs to license, seeing it as an attempt to claim profits over every “reaction” video out on the Internet.

In a Reddit thread that began Thursday afternoon, one user pointed out what they thought was the underlying issue–?The Fine Bros from Youtube are now attempting to copyright “reaction videos” (something that has existed before they joined youtube) and are claiming that other reaction videos are infringing on their intellectual property.?

The post ignited a fiery debate with several people expressing their anger towards the Fine brothers; while a few people choose to defend them discussing if what the Fine Brothers Entertainment is doing is fair.

A reddit user posted, ?That shit has always just been a gimmick anyways. Do these amateurs really think they can copyright something as simple as recording reactions. Wtf, thought they were a bit smarter than that.?

Another wrote, ?While we have no problem with people making money off of their videos, this type of shady, third-party licensing has caused massive issues for us and led to it being banned entirely.?

After noticing the backlash, the brothers responded by tweeting, commenting on their YouTube video, joining the Reddit thread and finally opening up the discussion on Facebook. The brothers tried to clarify their position and what it meant for other YouTube creators.

“People can most definitely make shows where kids or elders etc. react to videos, the protectable elements are the trademark (the title itself of the video) and specific elements that make a likelihood of confusion that you are watching someone’s established show ? but this does not at all mean people can’t make a show with generations reacting to things.”

So tell us what do you think? Are the Brothers right in licensing the React Channel?

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