Razer’s Two Incredible Prototypes Got Stolen from CES Booth

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Some man just stole two tantalizing Razer prototypes from the CES Booth. The company’s CEO, Min Liang-tan shared the incident through his Facebook page. Meanwhile, the company is busy filling in and filing the necessary documents regarding the incident. Let’s take a close look at this incident.

It is the ultimate five finger discount for those who showed the courage to steal the prototypes from the tradeshow. Razer is currently working with the management to deal with the situation. Find out more on the story.

Razer Prototype stolen shared by Min-Liang Tan

The CEO of Razer Min Liang-tan shared the shocking incident on his Facebook page. He said, “I’ve just been informed that two of our prototypes were stolen from our booth at CES today. We have filed the necessary reports and are currently working with the show management as well as law enforcement to address this issue.”

Although it is not clear what prototypes of which product have been stolen, but the company lost two jewels from its crown this year. It is speculated that the lost prototypes were the gorgeous Chroma projector. This is known as Project Ariana and another prototype is a three display laptop known as Project Valerie. The company is still silent about the prototypes lost at the tradeshow.

razer lapotp

Who robbed Razer Prototype?

The incident left the company in shock and the company was not able to figure it out how it even happened. The company said that they also do not know the motive behind the theft. Was it an opportunistic theft committed by someone tempted with high-end technology? Or was it planned to create more trouble for the company? The company is struggling to come up with a reason behind the theft.

The company has even decided to take strict steps against the theft. The theft was compared to cheating and will surely impose penalties for such a crime for those who will be proven guilty. This is not the first time that Razer’s laptops have been stolen. Previously, two experimental blade laptop prototypes were stolen from the research and development department of the company in San Francisco.

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