Razer Project Valerie: Triple Display Gaming On The Go Is Not Just A Concept?

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Razer Project Valerie

To some people, gaming is life. It is what they breathe and what they live for. That is why some serious gamers are not contented with just a single display setup. Some gamers go to the extreme length of adding an extra two displays to have that surround feel in the game. Triple display gaming PCs can give the best gaming experience anyone can have. But what happens when you bring that technology to mobile gaming, that is even more surreal. This is where the Razer Project Valerie comes in.

With its unique triple display setup, the Razer Project Valerie is indeed a cut above the rest.

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As mentioned earlier, the Project Valerie laptop sports not one, not two, but three 17-inch displays. These displays go side by side to form one long array of screens. Giving the total resolution of 11520×2160 pixels. Indeed, a gamer’s dream.

Razer Project Valerie

Razer Project Valerie (via

The Razer Project Valerie displays are powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTA 1080 graphics card and natively supports NVIDIA’s Surround View. This monster of a laptop is the first of its kind.

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From the upright position, the two displays come out from the side of the gaming laptop. The displays deploy automatically and aligns themselves with its highly durable aluminium hinges. When folded, the Project Valerie laptop is no thicker than the current gaming laptops available in the market. It only stands a mere one and half inches when folded. However, do not expect to put this one on anyone’s lap just yet as it weighs a whopping 12 pounds.

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The Razer Project Valerie will feature the newest Kaby Lake processor from Intel. There are still no indications about the other specs but gamers can expect a minimum of 32GB RAM. Storage will definitely be a PCIe SSD as the laptop is not only for gaming, but for creative works as well.

At the moment, the laptop is still in prototype mode. There are no news yet as to when the Razer will introduce the laptop to the PC gaming market. However, TheBitbag got an inside info which said if this beauty will get some really good feedback this CES 2017, then there’s a very big possibility Razer will turn this concept into a reality. So spread the love on this one, and let the Razer know you need this in your life. Anyone interested in knowing more about the Project Valerie can head to the Razer website.

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