Razer: Android TV Console Plans Released

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During the past few years, Google?s efforts have ?spread its Android operating systems beyond smartphones. This time, they were able to tap into one of the best known makers of gaming peripherals, Razer.

Razer is best known for their PC gaming devices, but now, they announced its new upcoming micro console that will be powered by Android. During the Google I/O conference yesterday, Razer said that they will be developing the Android TV that will allow users to turn ?their Android powered phones and devices into a remote. Users can also use voice search that will allow them to send commands.

The device allows you to stream movies, music, and use apps for ?large-screen entertainment, and more importantly, you can use it for gaming. Traditionally, Razer makes high-performance products for PC gaming. This will be their first time to create and collaborate with Android devices. ?The micro-console can be navigated using an app on an Android smartphone, tab, and any Android device.

In the last 2 years, Razer won four ?Best of CES? awards. They have been maintaining a great track record and created products like the Nabu Smartband and many more. Google believed that Razer can be able to lead the development of the Android TV, since their competitors already have their Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. They believed that after the completion of the project, it will receive a ?positive outcome. Singapore-based Razer already has 2 million active users who are looking forward to the release of the Android TV. Its CEO, Min-Liang Tan, is the one maintaining his own Facebook page and Twitter account to keep people posted and informed regarding the development of the said project.

Razer has been known to sell their products at remarkably high rates. However, during the Google I/O Annual Developer?s Conference, the Razer micro-console is slated to launch at a reasonable and affordable price hoping that they will attract more customers this fall. Razer has not stated the release dates yet, but sure enough that it will land right away in your living rooms by the time it is out in the market.

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