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Ray Tomlinson, Father Of Email Dies At The Age Of 74-Gamil Paid Its Tribute

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Ray Tomlinson

Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of modern email, died at the age of 74. His contribution to the web world is unmatchable. Tomlinson died on Saturday morning, and his spokesman has not revealed the cause of death, according to The Guardian. ?A true technology pioneer, Ray was the man who brought us email in the early days of networked computers,? Raytheon spokesman Mike Doble said. Ray Tomlinson is the one who selected the ?@? symbol for email. ?It wasn?t an assignment at all, he was just fooling around; he was looking for something to do with ARPANET,? praising his innovations in the email world Raytheon spokeswoman Joyce Kuzman said.

Internet giants are paying tribute to Tomlinson.”Thank you, Ray Tomlinson, for inventing email and putting the @ sign on the map,” Gmail showed its respect to Ray Tomlinson through an official tweet, ?India Today reported.

Tomlinson was honored by the Internet Hall of Fame in 2012, The Globe And Mail says. ?Millions of people shop, bank, and keep in touch with friends and family, whether they are across town or across oceans,? mentioned in his biography on the Internet Hall of Fame website. ?Tomlinson is someone who made the difference with a unique idea. ?The keyboards were about 10 feet apart?I could wheel my chair from one to the other and type a message on one, and then go to the other, and then see what I had tried to send,? while sharing his experience of sending the first email Tomlinson said, according to Fortune.

Tomlinson studied electrical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to NPR. Tomlinson is the recipient of ?George R. Stibitz Computer Pioneer Award from the American Computer Museum. He has also won a number of prestigious awards like Webby Award from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science, Innovation award from Discover magazine and Eduard-Rhein Cultural Award.

Tomlinson had revealed in an interview that the first email was sent between two machines that were side-by-side. He was recruited by Bolt Beranek and Newman( BBN) in 1967. He worked with Raytheon Co. till his death.

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