Ray J Of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Cheating On Princess Love During Chris Brown House Standoff?

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?star Ray J is again in the news. Not because of the incident in Chris Brown?s house, but because of cheating on his wife. A report claims that it happened in August while Brown was throwing a house party.

About a month ago, singer Brown threw a party at his home. However, police showed up at his place when he reportedly pulled a gun on his former beauty pageant winner guest. During the first encounter, the police were not able to enter the house as they had no search warrant.

The police finally got their warrant after hours and searched Brown?s house. One of those who were caught was Ray J, who according to reports was with a woman. But, whether or not it was his wife was not confirmed.

Contrary to the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star?s claim that he was in Brown?s house to have a tattoo, a recent report revealed that when captured, he was in bed with two naked women. Neither was his wife, which makes this case even more controversial.

As a result, a lot of fans believe that Ray J has really not changed despite marrying Princess Love over the summer. The singer previously claimed that he was done with his wild ways even before he tied the knot with Princess Love. But, if these reports were true, then clearly he has not settled down at all.

Apparently, this is not the first time Ray J got involved in an infidelity issue. It can be recalled that the couple also fought in their hotel room in New Orleans which left the singer with broken ribs, a torn ACL, and bloodied face. It was said to be just because of Ray J visiting a nearby strip club.

If ever Princess Love finds out about this threesome issue of her husband, it will be interesting what she will do next. How about you? Do you think the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?star really cheated on his wife? Or, was he just getting a tattoo in Brown?s place? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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