Ray J, Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Link Is In Famous Lyrics With Chris Brown?

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Rapper Ray J just dropped a new track titled ?Famous? featuring Chris Brown. The song is clearly a shot to his ex, Kim Kardashian, referring to their sex tape that leaked in 2007. It is as well a response to Kanye West?s song of the same title that name-dropped him.

The song was produced by Drumma Boy and Apple Music released it on Monday evening. Ray J?s new track has certainly revive the feud between him and the couple. Brown, on the other hand, is also on the track to respond as well to West?s track.

?She f***ed me for fame, look in her eyes/She was the first one to sign on the line/She was the real one to plan it all out/Look at the family, they walk around proud/All because she had my d**k in her mouth,? says the lyrics of the track.

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But, ?Famous? was not just about the sex tape of Ray J and Kim Kardashian. The rapper also took a shot at her about the recent trouble she got involved in. ?Gotta stay strapped while you around now,? says the track pertaining to the robbery case of Kardashian in Paris.

Meanwhile, Brown has more general lines in the song rapping, ?I know that you cry when you?re going to sleep every damn night/I?ll fuck around and make another one famous.? Now, this move of Ray J and Brown is their way of completing their previous statements of getting back on West.

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Ray J told Billboard last month that he and Brown would release a song with the same name. ?You can?t fault me and Chris for responding to all the things that have been done about us [in the media] over the last few months,? he said.

As of this writing, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have not responded yet to Ray J?s new track ?Famous?. But, knowing the couple, it is safe to assume that they will respond some time soon. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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