Ratchet & Clank Weapons Contest Opens!

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For those that like Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank will find something interesting about this contest posted on the PSN Blog yesterday. The contest started yesterday and won’t end until April 10th which is two weeks from now. You have a chance to send in your own in-game weapon idea for the upcoming Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and if it wins, it will get featured on the game set for release very soon. Here are the details:

– Don’t simply take the Morph Ray and have it turn enemies into a new funny animal like green bunnies.

-Be practical with the visual effects – a gun that fills the screen with a thousand flaming rockets will be hard to implement.

– We are looking for innovation, humor, and fun factor – not just total destruction.

– Make sure you take a look at previous Ratchet games so you don’t copy an existing weapon.

– Keep it clean and avoid overly gruesome effects – this game is likely to be rated E for Everyone.

– Try to stick to a one or two-handed gun or grenade weapon form (though if you have something really cool in mind, share it!)

Submissions are open through April 10th, so that means you have two weeks to put something together. Head on over to to download the My Blaster Runs hot wallpapers, check out the official rules, and submit your design!

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