?Supergirl? & Flash Crossover Rumors: Will The DC Heroes Meet In One Awesome Episode?

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Fans of DC Comics are in for a treat if the rumors regarding the crossover of Supergirl with Arrow/Flash TV series do come true.

Supergirl which shares the same DC universe as Arrow and Flash series premiered on CBS just in October. Kara Zor-El/Supergirl is one of the Kryptonians who survive and? is biological cousin of Superman. The show despite receiving favorable reviews hasn?t been doing so well with its ratings have been dipping since the Pilot episode. According to ScreenRant, CBS plans to do a crossover of Supergirl with Arrow/Flash series to boost ratings for its show. The crossover episodes of Arrow and The Flash certainly did boost the viewer ship for those two. The audience connected with Arrow/Flash may join the Supergirl and which will kind of increase it fan base.

BleedingCool reports that the probable crossover between the two will probably happen before next year?s May sweeps week. However CBS hasn?t decided yet on plans to extend the Supergirl Season 1 beyond the original 13 episodes of the show. The crossover will likely happen in case CBS decides to order the extension of the Supergirl series to 22 episodes.

The question remains regarding possibility of such crossover since the Arrow/Flash series are aired on the CW while Supergirl is exclusive to the CBS network. The crossover can surely happen since Greg Berlanti who happens to be the man behind Arrow, The Flash and DC?s Legends of Tomorrow is also the producer of Supergirl. And since CBS owns half of the CW there is room for the crossover and we could see Barry Allen?and his friends teaming up with Supergirl. What more Supergirl may even set to take on the likes of Zoom and Vandal and may be show up in Legends of Tomorrow.

Meanwhile Flash and Arrow are set up for a action packed crossover next week that will air on December 1 and 2 and form the lead up story for new spin-off series – DC?s Legends of Tomorrow.

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