Rare continues to hint at new Killer Instinct game via Christmas Card

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It would seem the people at Rare enjoy toying with their fans.? Such behavior is probably why most of their fans have given up hope.? I recently came across a Christmas Card from Rare (shown above).? In it, fans will notice a boxing glove with a tag attached so cleverly labeled “TJ”. Clearly, this is a reference to Killer Instinct’s boxing character TJ Combo.? This is not the first time Rare has done this.? Here is just one more of many examples:

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If you look at the middle stocking above the fireplace, you will notice it is labeled “KI3” or Killer Instinct 3.? The annoying thing is that hints like this are nothing new from Rare.? They know they fans have beckoned for a new Killer Instinct game for over a decade.? In an interview Rare studio manager, Mark Betteridge, revealed that Rare wants to bring the original Killer Instinct arcade version on to Xbox Live.? Betteridge, a little over a year ago, told EuroGamer that they make another Killer Instinct.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the series and I think it could do well sales wise if pushed right.? Now that I think about it, there are a few Rare games that could be brought back.? Jet Force Gemini was awesome.? I am still awaiting a TRUE new Perfect Dark game that incorporates all the features from the Nintendo 64 version and adds to it.? Rare still has so much potential.? I am hoping they tap into it.


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