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Rare Pokemon Likely To Appear In Niantic Events; Which Legendary Has Been Located So Far

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Pokemon GO has been really popular in the countries where it is available. However, the mobile game still lacks a lot of things such as the legendary Pokemon. Are they available now? Which rare Pokemon has already been spotted?

Niantic is successful in capturing the hearts of the gamers across the globe, but the trainers are already getting impatient for not seeing any legendary creature in the game. There are recent reports that a player has managed to capture a Mewtwo but it was debunked immediately.

The rumors started when a video was posted online featuring a trainer trying to catch the legendary Pokemon. But, a YouTube user revealed that after examining the video, he discovered it was fake. One good proof is the catch circle, which should be red but appeared to be green in the video.

Another Pokemon GO report was released two months ago that an Articuno was spotted in Ohio. It was confirmed by other gamers but it seems like it was just a mistake from Niantic because according to Kotaku, the legendary bird has already been taken back by the developer.

As of now, there are still no legit sightings of these legendary Pokemon. There are claims that they are going to be available when the game is finally launched in all parts of the world. But, there are also rumors that the legendaries are going to be included in the update that will add the Generation 2 creatures.

Meanwhile, aside from the legendary Pokemon, the rare ones are also hard to locate in the game. Pokemon like Snorlax and Ditto are good examples of these rare creatures, but for the former, it has already been spotted in some areas like Taiwan, which according to reports has caused stampede because of its rarity.

It is obvious that the release of these rare Pokemon is still not available in the game. But, it is also sure that all trainers should be ready at all times so whenever they come up, you are prepared to catch them. Let us wait for further announcements from Niantic as to when these legendaries are going to be added in the game. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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