Rare Apple 1 Computer Auctioned For $500,000

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When it was first released forty years ago, the Apple 1 computer cost $666.66 – considering inflation it is around $2700. Now, at an auction, a rare Apple 1 computer has racked up as much as $500,000 and still counting.

Fundraising website Charitybuzz is currently auctioning a very rare Apple 1 computer on their site. This computer is said to be one of the early prototypes that was assembled by the famous Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Unlike other hobbyist computers then, the Apple 1 was not sold in a kit form. Instead, they come fully assembled and ready to use. However, in order to use it, users need to provide their own video display and keyboard.

The very first unit was used in a high school math class and then donated to a public access computer center ran by Lisa Loop.

Apple 1 Computer

Original Rare Apple 1 Computer (via

Between 1976 and 1977, Wozniak and Jobs made around 200 original Apple 1 computers. Twenty five of which remained unsold.The reason for the rarity is that, back in 1977 when Apple released the Apple 2, the company offered customers discounts and trade-ins in order to persuade them to return their old Apple 1. Much of the recovered computers back then were destroyed by Apple.

Apart from the limited number, Wozniak also confirmed that this particular Apple 1 computer was never actually sold. It is one of the early prototypes that they made for the company.

Included in the said auction are the complete instruction manuals and cassette tapes with BASIC programming language. The bid winner will also be able to take some accessories for the computer. Among these accessories are an extra 4k byte memory module, Star Trek and Blackjack program cassette tapes, and a cassette interface daughter board.

To date, this rare Apple 1 computer has garnered around $510,000 while the estimated value is $1 million. With less than three days before the end of the bidding, it is highly unlikely that the target will be reached. However, those who want a piece of Apple?s history and have cash to spare will be able to bid for the Apple 1 computer until Aug. 25.

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