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The God of War trilogy has come a long way and endured its? fare share of criticism being on console and hand held. Prior to the release of God of War 3, fans of both the franchise and of Sony have been giving it more praise than that of St. Peter to Jesus. Even with the golden shine of this colossal and said-to-be-epic game, I see a twisted form lingering behind it. Chained to this game is what I prefer to call ?Bugsy?, because attached to every game is a ?Bugsy?, a creature filled with bugs which often trips over itself due to its own errors. We all know that each and every game have bugs that, most of the time, lower the score in gaming magazines and sites. Such is the same fate for God of War 3 and its? ?Bugsy.?

Nowhere in this rant will I mention about the graphics, since they are plain as day to see and are of visual pleasure and not an eyesore. Of what I know from playing the first God of War, we come to understand Kratos and his reason for vengeance. It?s a long road for him since the beginning, but from the start of GoW3 to nearing the end, all becomes clear.

I get it. I know what Kratos had to go through, but was it worth it to explain it even further? For this true gamer – no. Although I did enjoy the interaction ? as lightly put ? between Kratos and the gods he got his hands on, the travels to get to those points were most aggravating. On numerous occasions when there were enemies circling around you and you have beaten them to death, another wave would come, then more so after the feeling of being overwhelmed is replaced by aggravation and boredom.

This I can only take for so long and its? welcome was overstayed. I?ve played Darksiders on Apocalyptic mode and Dante?s Inferno on Infernal, so I can handle difficulty. However, when it comes to playing a game on Normal mode and dealing with enemies that have the same hit points as those on a higher difficulty, that just begs the question if the designers had that in mind. It just gets really ridiculous when you?re sitting on your couch, mashing combinations together for nearing 5 minutes in one area of a much larger stage. Not only that, but you got to deal with some of the enemies that absolutely love to jump around or hid under the ground. Again, I?ve dealt with this before, but giving them more hit points than needed is just plain wrong. Let me beat up the bad guys for a short while in Normal mode and move on.

Double jumping is forced upon you to quickly tap the X button right after the first initial jump. Sure this might not seem like such a big issue, but it becomes just that when this trial and error of double jumping gets out of hand. Not much to rant about, this double jumping, but when you get so close to some of these platforms in the game ? is it really required of us to having to double jump? The real issue isn?t ? or even wouldn?t be ? about the double jumping, but being able to grab onto ledges that you might have grazed by an inch or so. Give the player a break and allow them to cling onto that bit of textured and high polygon count hope.

Rolling to evade is nice to have, since it was in the other 2 console versions. When fighting off an enemy and having one approach from behind, one would be wise to roll out of the way. But would you do that when completely surrounded? One of the few features that I loved about Dante?s Inferno was the counter attack. If an enemy had hastened his attack from any side, I would simply press the block button at the correct time to commence a counter attack ? which would often lead to an attack with a AoE (area of effect). With GoW3, I?m left without that and replaced by a weaker version of a counter attack. Having been called the God of War, shouldn’t you have some sort of endowment of various powers?

If you remember our good friend, Bugsy, then you?d know that there have been a lot of nauseating noises coming from this poorly treated creature. That can be blamed on the constant tripping of itself and the quality assurance gone into it. Before I continue on further, let me tell you something on a bit more personal level; I have gone through the whole QA process on several great titles and I know the bullshit they have to go through. Come on guys, I know this shit can be easily fixed and it wasn?t. Some might say my PS3 is to blame, because they aren?t perfect and can break. Well, that would be true except I played those parts again and gotten the same results. That and when you die during the first bout with Zeus and get the loading screen after selecting yes to continue on, the screen appears screwed up. Random images of white and yellow?

The big and most cruel treatment that this game has imposed on me are the Godly possessions and costumes. The rules are set to this; If and when you complete a mode in God of War 3, you can use the Godly possessions collected and costumes as well ONLY IN THAT MODE. Sounds great right, but there?s a catch. You cannot earn any trophies if an artifact is used or the main costume switched for another. That right there, is bullshit. I should have the right to go back into Normal mode with any artifact equipped or costume placed on me without the restrictions of obtaining trophies. Now, I would agree if you were to do this after completing the game on Normal mode and then going onto Titan to earn that gold trophy. But if you were to go into the trophy list, you?d notice that almost all the trophies would not be affected if you were to use any of the Godly possessions or costumes. Let me have some fun in killing my enemies mercilessly, at least.

That?s all I can say right now, folks. It took me a near 9 hours to complete on Normal mode, with so much hatred built up during this overwhelming and most epic game. Yes, I know that this is a great game, but it is my duty as both true gamer and editor to make clear of the faults in the titles that I review or rant about. If there was something that I have missed or made error in my rant about, please let me know ? but do know that I only respond to those who have the dignity and maturity to give constructive feedback.

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