Rambo the Videogame Review: The Italian Stallion Strikes Back!

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Rambo the videogame is the latest incarnation of Sylvester Stallone in the digital realm. Teyon Games, the engineer behind the masterpiece has decided to integrate an arcade feel, employing an on rails shooter approach, focusing heavily on shooting and ducking.

The game recounts the most adrenaline-charged moments of the franchise, delivering unmitigated action and staggering suspense. This iteration is based on the Rambo film series, bursting with classic montages from RAMBO First Blood, RAMBO First Blood 2 & Rambo III.

Players assume the role of John Rambo, a former member of an elite United States Army Special Force and a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. Being a Green Beret, he is highly proficient in guerilla tactics, close quarters combat, and trained to withstand extreme conditions. Follow him as he covertly infiltrates the jungles of Thailand and the Afghanistan desert. Relive memorable moments of the film, as you step in the shoes of a war machine. The core mechanics of the game include stealth, demolition and quick time events.


Fans of the film will appreciate the rendition no matter how unpardonably awful the game is. Rambo the Videogame ?erupts like a quiescent volcano, a fiery seismic activity, filled with tense action suitable only for those with unyielding patience and unflappable concentration.


I?d hate to break this to fans but Rambo the videogame is a letdown. Let me count the ways. First and foremost, its teaser trailer is a vile ruse, downright false advertising, getting fans stirred up with an FPS clone, surreptitiously concealing the reticule from view.

The musical flourish is cheaply exploited; you?ll be hearing the same melody over and over again until your ears bleed. The game is punitively difficult, throwing everything at you including the kitchen sink, for instance, in the final showdown, prepare to be annihilated as wave and wave of enemies attack you from all directions.

The pace is nauseating, a frivolous and fickle journey with no incremental innovations to offer. Furthermore, the game has a menial cover system, forcing you to scoot in and out of cover to dodge enemy gunfire.

Poor visuals, RAMBO is mortified with a pony face counterpart. The reload system is cheap and toilsome, extra ammo can only be obtained with every successful attempt of the min-game.

Other weak areas include: shallow quick time events, futile perks and skills, muffled audio excerpts, twitchy and broken controls and of course, annoying crashes that randomly impede your progress, the game is overwhelmed with bugs particularly in the final level.


Overall, RAMBO the videogame is a walking disaster with no redeeming qualities, a crappy licensed game, with no reason to exist.

An epic fail, I award this game 1 out of 5 stars, back to the drawing board for Teyon Games.

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