Rambo the Videogame: A Comprehensive Trophy Guide

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John Rambo is a proverbial war machine, pitiless and truculent. He can clean a roomful of enemies with a blink of an eye. To equal his brute force and raw power, let me help you hone your sterling skills through this trophy guide. Annihilate your adversaries in merciless fashion and unleash your Green Beret potential!


Here’s the trophy description and trophy type:

First Blood CompleteEarn3 stars on all CHAPTER 1 LevelsGold
First Blood Part II CompleteEarn 3 stars on all CHAPTER 2 LevelsGold
God would have mercyReload Combo of 100 on any levelGold
God didn?t make Rambo. I made himSuccessfully Reach Rank 20Gold
Good supply of body bags2000 headshots performed successfullyGold
I’m the last one, SirPerform 3000 kills in totalGold
Rambo III CompleteEarn 3 stars on all CHAPTER 3 LevelsGold
My War is OverFinish story mode on Green Beret DifficultyGold
Mission AccomplishedUnlock All TrophiesPlatinum
Become War to survive a WarExecute 20 kill per minute ratio on any levelSilver
War you won’t believeEarn 15x Score Multiplier on any levelSilver
Your worst nightmareExecute 10 chain kill combo on any levelSilver
Deep JungleEarn 2 stars on Deep JungleBronze
Afghan CampEarn 2 stars on Afghan CampBronze
Forest HuntEarn 2 stars on Forest HuntBronze
POW CampEarn 2 stars on POW CampBronze
POW EvacEarn 2 stars on POW EvacBronze
PrologueEarn 2 stars on PrologueBronze
River RunEarn 2 stars on River RunBronze
The Demolition Of HopeEarn 2 stars on The Demolition Of HopeBronze
The Final ShowdownEarn 2 stars on The Final ShowdownBronze
The FortEarn 2 stars on The FortBronze
The Fort – Second StabEarn 2 stars on The Fort – Second StabBronze
The WaterfallEarn 2 stars on The WaterfallBronze
Village VanguardEarn 2 stars on Village VanguardBronze

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