Raise a glass to special occasions without compromising your health with this award-winning, organic wine

This wine is guaranteed to be healthy and completely vegan

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You’ve probably tried organic fruits and vegetables or organic coffee. But have you ever heard or tried an organic wine? This might have been your first time to hear about it (and we’re a bit surprised, too!) but yes, there is such a thing as organic wines.


What are organic wines exactly?

Organic wines are the wines made with grapes that are grown without harmful chemicals such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. This also means that the rest of the ingredients used in wine-making are also organic. 

So, what does this mean for you? It means you can enjoy and chug a good glass of wine without feeling guilty! And if you’re looking for a delicious, organic wine to celebrate special occasions, Our Daily Organic Cabernet Sauvignon would be perfect for you. 

Why choose Our Daily Organic Cabernet Sauvignon?

Given that Our Daily Organic Cabernet Sauvignon is certified organic and completely vegan, you’ll surely love this wine because of its delicious taste. The palate is velvety and smooth with dark fruit, chewy tannins and a rich vanilla finish. It smells and tastes like dark fruits and vanilla and is something that would be perfect to cap off a night or celebrate events. 

Because this wine has no delectable sulfites and is gluten-free, you won’t be feeling guilty indulging in another glass (or two!)


And oh, did we mention this wine actually won a Silver Award in Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of American Wine Tasting Competition, Vintage 2018?