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Rainbow Six Siege Year 2: Should You Buy The New Season Pass?

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Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Loot Crate
Image Courtesy Of Ubisoft.

Fans are preparing themselves for the upcoming content in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Red Crow. The new map, operators and other additions coming to Ubisoft?s tactical shooter are looking amazing. The first year of content for the game introduced a total of four maps and eight operators to the game. There?s already a lot, but there may be more coming to Rainbow Six Siege Year 2.

Once this year ends, fans will have to renew their Season Pass for Rainbow Six Siege. Doing so will give players access to another year?s worth of content. There are good reasons why fans should buy the new Season Pass for Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 as Ubisoft is expected to deliver even better content next year.

New Game Modes

For this year, Ubisoft promised a lot of extra content from fans. One of the promised content coming to the game are new game modes. Ubisoft didn?t add any game modes this year despite it being part of the roadmap for the first year of Rainbow Six Siege. Now that the developer has promised to give another year?s worth of content for the shooter, it?s very likely that there may be new game modes now.

8 Operators And 4 Maps Confirmed?

Although Ubisoft hasn?t confirmed it yet, it?s very likely that there will be eight operators and more than four new maps coming to the game again. Although there?s already a variety of characters in the game, Ubisoft is still yet to add a few staple characters for shooters. One of these is a sniper that can one-shot enemies.

We don?t know exactly what the contents are for now, but we can expect Ubisoft to reveal the roadmap for Year 2 shortly after the full launch of Operation Red Crow.

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